Sunday, February 02, 2014


The Swedish Melodifstivalen kicked off last night as well. I didn't watch as the Finnish UMK final was taking place at the same time. Anyways, this blogger thinks musically MF is way overrated. Great show no doubt but in the recent years how many songs have remained? Not many.... 
Anyways, last night as usual there were eight songs. Two songs were sent straight to the final, two to the second chance and the rest home. YOHIO and Eurovision 2005 winner, Greek-Swede Helena Paparizou wee the pre-contest favorites and many were tipping Linus Svenning as the big surprise to come. But Swedes decided partly otherwise. YOHIO did sail to the final but he took Ellen Benediktsson with him while Linus and Helena were left to wonder what went wrong in Second chance round. I would have prefered a bit different order but indeed these four were the best songs in this semifinal. Otherwise the news were presenter Nour El Refai's unshaved underarms and her rather shaky job as presenter.... Watch the show again here.
Helena surely should have checked her underwear before going on that little catwalk before entering the stage.... Let's say the camera angles and the lights were far from flattering.....Also, I think the first two minutes of her performances are very robotic and emotionless. She can do so much better!

YOHIO - To the end and Ellen Benediktsson - Songbird
Second chance: 
Linus Svenning – Bröder and Helena Paparizou - Survivor
Mahan Moin - Aleo, Elisa Lindström - Casanova, Alvaro Estrella - Bedroom
Sylvester Schlegel - Bygdens son

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