Sunday, February 23, 2014


Belgium has been sorting out singers until now but now we are getting into serious business. Four entries tonight will be voted by a jury and televotes and only two will make the final line up. You can watch it online here from 20.30 CET. Tonight also the mysterious Day One with fitting song title - is it Kate Ryan or not?

Day One - Whoever you are
Eva Jacobs - Nothing is impossible
Petra - Killer touch
The jury had Eva first, Day One second, Udo and Petra tied third but televote lifted Udo with Eva to the final, which I totally agree. Eva and Udo are maybe oldfashioned and still need work with their staging (Udo, drop the dancers) while Day One believed a bit too musch to their masks and came across only wierd and unlikable. Petra was a cliche show burlesque number that was entertaining and fun to watch but who I want to hear the song ever again? No. A bit like I wanna,...

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