Saturday, February 22, 2014


Incredible but true! The youngsters get to perform when some viewers are still awake and watching! The previous nights they have been the very last part of the show, always well after midnight. Fazio announced the change in the script like it was a huge favor for them, and in a way it is. Only that everywhere else perhaps they would have been treated like that already the previous nights. How about starting the show with them next year? 
22.40 It started. The "giuria di qualità" has 50% of the rsult, the televote the rest and the finalists are four.
We start with Diodato and Babilonia. I like this song. The orchestration fits nicely and I like his voice. Quite good performance, even if a little bit nervous perhaps?
22.49 Next Zibba and Senza di te. Lovely soft reggae with nice lyrics, great voice and likable person. Very relaxed performance!
22.53 Third one is Rocco Hunt and Nu journo buonoRap reggae with dialect. Very catchy and he propably has a hit in his hands. I like this one, too, but I think my vote goes for the daddy bear instead of frankie Hi-Nrg in miniatura. He really works the stage and gets the audience along clapping their hands. Makes me think of Almamegretta, too. I think he wins tonight and it's ok.
22.58 Last but not least The Niro with 1969. My least favorite out of this four, but they are all good this year.
23.03 The newcomers have sung and televote is open. They seem to be so proud of this decision to let them sing early that they have to remind us in every given moment. Oh well. If it makes them happy....
23.07 Luca Zingaretti aka Commissario Montalbano on stage talking about "Beauty", the theme of this festival. Enter mafia.... or rather the talk of mafia. Also this is Italy and Sanremo.
Then we have recap of the Big songs in the order televoted yesterday from bottom to top.
And as we know now Sinigallia has been disqualified. He enters the stage and explains what has happened: he played the song in a gathering last summer, 30-40 persons in audience. He has no idea of going to Sanremo or whatsoever. His mistake. And he gets to sing his song tomorrow anyways, but not in the contest anymore, as a guest. Bene.
And the evening continues with the Big....
00.30 Televote is closed, Bling!
00.44 We start with some awards. Premio della critica Mia Martini goes to Zibba.
Zibba also wins Premio Radio/TV/Web Lucio Dalla!
Premio miglior arrangiamento or best arrangement goes to  Renzo Rubino for Per sempre e poi basta, the song that didn't make it to the final.
00.54 Here we go.... the winner is.... Rocco Hunt! He runs around the stage and hugs everyone crying. He comes from salerno and will turn 20 this year. It's a good day indeed for him! Here is his video.
Diodato came second, Zibba third and The Niro fourth. 

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