Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Estonia kicks off its national selection aka Eesti laul 2014 this Friday. There will be two semifinals before the grand final in Tallinn as usual. This year's song selection is maybe not as demanding and original as we have used to but offers still a wide range of styles and most of all songs that are not very Eurovisionesque and therefor the whole selection is always rather refreshing. Some familiar names among this Friday's hopefuls: August Hunt (2012), Kõrsikud (2013) and most of all Lenna Kuurmaa, alredy twice the runner up (2010, 2012). Five entries will make it to the final. My favourites are August Hunt, Wilhelm and Kõrsikud. Strangely it seems all bands have been put to this first semi, and all the (female) soloist in the second....

Tanja - Amazing
The Titles - Flames
Wilhelm - Resignal
State of Zoe - Solina
NimmerSchmidt - Sandra
Vöörad - Maailm on hull
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band - Maybe-Maybe
August Hunt - Kus on EXIT?
Kõrsikud - Tule ja jää
Lenna - Supernoova

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