Sunday, February 02, 2014


Softengine got a record deal with Sony Music already in the early stages of UMK 2014 and has been making their debut album since. Now the release will be postboned as they will re-record the winning entry Something better for Copenhagen. They also weren't able to rehearse for UMK 2014 final as much as they wanted as the singer Topi Latukka had a nasty flu and on antibiotics, but luckily he got better in time.
The band has been together since 2011 and has released one independent album Hmmm so far in February 2012 including Endless waterfall.  They have alreade won Skeba, a competition for emerging band organized by Lions Club. In fall 2012 Henri joined the original foursome and in summer 2013 original member and drummer Kasimir Kantonen left the band and was replaced by Tuomo.
The band is now made of beforementioned Topi Latukka (laed vocals and guitar), Ossi Mäkelä (guitar and synths), Eero Keskinen (bass), Henri Oskár (keyboards) and Tuomo Alarinta (drums) and they are based in Seinäjoki and are aged between barely 17 and 19. The song is composed by Topi and lyrics by Topi and Henri, arrangements by the band and Jyrki Tuovinen. They are inspired by Colplay, Muse, Disco Ensemble and Thirty Seconds to Mars. 
Here is their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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