Thursday, February 27, 2014


Romania's final takes place this Saturday as well. Often one of the strongest national finals around this year also offers some pretty good ones. The main contender and one to beat is out first, Eurovision veterans Ovi & Paula. This blogger isn't impressed of this manufactured Eurovision by numbers effort. Both are good artists but this song isn't anything special, and it'd be a miracle indeed if it wins Eurovision in case it wins in Romania.... That's what I think but prove me wrong. Other favorites seem to be Anca Florescu and Stefan Stan. Both are better. I also like Renee Santana and Bere Gratis, and The dAdA aren't bad either. This said my favorite is Stefan Stan - if it only works out live on stage as well as in the very beautiful video! Recap.

01. Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle
02. Bere Gratis – Despre Mine Si Ea
03. The dAdA – Unpredictable
04. The Zuralia Orchestra – You Know
05. Vizi Imre – Kind of Girl
06. Anca Florescu – Hearts Collide
07. Silvia Dumitrescu – Fiorul Iubirii
08. Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz – Letting Go
09. Ştefan Stan feat Teddy K – Breathe
10. Naomy – Daca Tu Iubesti
11. Vaida – One More Time
12. Şăl – Hardjock

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