Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Portugal makes a very welcome return to Eurovision after last year's break and at least on paper has worked well for them. They invited ten composers for this year's Festival da Canção, who could then pick up their artists. Now the names are out. The semifinal that will ccut the songs to half will take place on March 8, 2014 and the final a week later in Convento do Beato. The artists include previous contestants and fan favorites Rui Andrade and Catarina Pereira, and among the songwriters some other familiar names from Eurovision from Marc Paelinck to Jan Van Dijk and Andrej Babic.

Rui Andrade – Ao teu encontro (Marc Paelinck) 
Suzy – Quero ser tua (como a lua é do luar) (Emanuel) 
Zana – Nas asas da sorte (Jan Van Dijk) 
Raquel Guerra –  Sonhos roubados (Nuno Feist) 
Catarina Pereira – Mea culpa (Andrej Babic) 
Madalena Trabuco - Coração de filigrana (Tozé Santos) 
Lara Afonso – O teu segredo (João Matos/Miguel Ferrador) 
Ricardo Alfonso – Emoção (Ricardo Alfonso/Luis Fernando/Rui Fingers) 
Carla Ribeiro - Mais para dar (Hélder Godinho) 
Ivo Lucas Eu vou (João Só)

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