Wednesday, February 05, 2014


UPDATE: Four names were eliminated in the first show: Lale Sultan, Ayshebeyim Nagieva, Safa Eldar and Wave Wave. More eliminations next week.

Azerbaijan has been also selecting their artists and now we are reaching the final stages. Böyük Səhnə is the name of this year's process and we have 14 names left. They were flown to Kyiv for some extra training and the selectiong shows will run until March 2, 2014 and then we will know who of them get the honor to sing a song the Azeri TV has shopped around. Or could it be they would go for local talent for a change? And will they manage to corrupt the voting again or will they get what they deserve? Time will tell come May....
The 14 finalists are Fuad Əsədov, Safa Eldar, Wave Wave group, Dilarə Kazımova, Xana Həsənova, Valeriya Hüseynzadə (Rilaya), Elton İbrahimov, Samirə Əfəndiyeva, Aydın Eyvazzadə, Ayşəbəyim Nağıyeva, Lalə Sultan., Erkin Osmanli, Azad Shabanov and Hulya Ibadova
If it was only for the name and dress I'd love to see Lala Sultan in Copenhagen! Luckily also a voice is needed (usually). If there's any justice in the world like he sings Azad Shabanov (pictured above) should go very far in this contest and the judges seemed to agree with me, too. Or will Elton make it this time around? And what about the slightly alternative Erkin?
You can watch the casting special here.

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