Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Tonight the remaining seven Big artists will present their two songs and just like last night one is sent to final with 50-50 televote-journalists in press center vote. I will be live blogging once again so tune in, join in and enjoy! Allegria!

Francesco Renga: Un isolato da te / Vivendo adesso
Giuliano Palma: Cosi lontano / Un bacio crudele
Noemi: Bagnati dal sole / Un uomo è un albero
Renzo Rubino: Ora / Per sempre e poi basta
Ron: Un abbraccio unico / Sing in the rain
Riccardo Sinigallia: Prima di andare via /Una rigenerazione
Francesco Sarcina: Nel tuo sorriso / In questa cittá

Four of the newcomers will also present their songs and with similar voting only two will go to Friday's final.
 Diodato: Babilonia
Filippo Graziani: Le cose belle
Bianca: Saprai
Zibba: Senza di te

The results will be presented by Le gemelle Kessler,  Armin Zoeggeler, Cristiana Collu, Kasia Smutniak, Gian Antonio Stella, Veronica Angeloni, Clemente Russo.
Tonight's guests are megastar Claudio Baglioni and Rufus Wainwright, despite the protests and prayer sit-ins by Papaboys. He won't sing Gay Messiah, but Across the universe and Cigarette and chocolate milk. Also Claudio Santamaria and Franca Valeri will be guests.
Some are speculating if we will see the first ever gay kiss on stage of Sanremo, but why should there be one? Just because he's openly gay? Anyways, Fazio brought already last year a gay couple on stage declaring their love so thumbs up for him for that.

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