Saturday, February 22, 2014


The results are out and the youngest artists won the youngesters contest, or the newcomers, aka Nuove Proposte, new proposals. Rocco Hunt from Salerno, born 1994. Melodic Napoletan rap that scored a stunning 75% of the televotes. Some are suggesting it's only because everyone in Naples region voted for him (a bit like in UMK the Finnish Swedes vote for themselves, and in Syksyn Sävel the Finnish gypsies voted their artists in the past, oh well). but I think he deserved to win.

Here are the jury votes: 1. Diodato 47%, 2. The Niro 23%, 3. Zibba 19% and 4. Rocco Hunt 11%
Here are the televotes: 1. Rocco Hunt 75%, 2. Diodato and Zibba11%, 4. The Niro 3%
Below is the combined result. If you math doesn't make sense, don't worry. It's not 50-50 jury-televote after all but all about percentage. If they used Eurovision-like points Diodato would have won and Rocco second. 

1. Rocco Hunt - Nu juorno buono 43%
2. Diodato - Babilonia 29%
3. Zibba - Senza di te 15%
4. The Niro - 1969  13%

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