Wednesday, January 20, 2016


The Sanremo 2016 festival is already the 66th Festival della canzone Italiana
This year there are two real veterans: Enrico Ruggeri participates for the 10th time (since 1980) and Patty Pravo for the 9th time (since 1970)
Nine out of 20 Big participants have participated in the X Factor or Amici reality shows searching for new talents: Deborah Iurato (Amici 2013-14 winner), Francesca Michielin (XF winner 2011), Valerio Scanu, Noemi, Dear Jack, Alessio Bernabei, Lorenzo Fragola (XF winner 2014), Annalisa, Giovanni Caccamo. No one from The Voice is there but at least lat year's winner Fabio Curto submitted a song (see below)
Alessio Bernabei competes against his ex-band Dear Jack, but it's not the first time a similar duel happens: In 2002 we had Franceso Renga against his ex-band Timoria, and in 20015 Antonella Ruggiero against Matia Bazar
Quite a few artists have made public their submission and not being taken to the festival. Scialpi and Marco Carta didn't take it very well (read more by clicking their names), but others haven't made it a big drama (at least in public): Fabio Curto & Francesco Facchinetti, L'Aura, Loredana Errore, Syria, Perturbazione, Paolo Vallesi, Rettore... and heavily rumored to have sent a song are also Marina Rei, Amara, Virginio, Paola Turci, Ricchi e Poveri, Michele Zarrillo, Tiromancino, Ron, Bianca Atzei & Gianluca Grignani
Patty Pravo (67) is the oldest artist, Dear Jack's new lead singer Leiner Riflessi (18) the youngest. Average age is 35, slightly younger than in 2015
Only two real debutants in the festival's Big category: 
Deborah Iurato and Clementino. Francesca Michielin has never been in competition but has been on festival stage in 2012 dueting with Chiara Civello during the duet's night
Three previous Big category winners are back: 
Enrico Ruggeri (1987, 1993), Valerio Scanu (2010) and Arisa (2014)
Four previous Newcomers winners are back: 
Dolcenera (2003), Arisa (2009), Rocco Hunt (2014), Giovanni Caccamo (2015
Only one Eurovision veteran is among the artists: Enrico Ruggeri (1993)
Since Italy's comeback to Eurovision it has sent in 2011 the winner of the Newcomers, Raphael Gualazzi, then in 2012 Nina Zilli who competed among the Big, 2013 Sanremo winner Marco Mengoni, 2014 internally chosen Emma, who however had won Sanremo in 2012, and in 2015 again Sanremo winner Il Volo. In 2015 and 2016 it is written in the Sanremo rules the winner has the right to represent Italy in the Eurovision if they want to....

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