Saturday, January 09, 2016


SVT and Stockholm have revealed their plans for the Eurovision song contest 2016 in May. As we know the event itself will be in Globen area, the Globen itself being the venue and the other venues included in the complex hosting the press center, delegation area and all that. And there's the rumor Tele2 arena within the Globen City will be used somehow as well.....
The other interesting stuff happens some 3 kms up north, just across Södermalm island and Gamla stan. That's 4-6 metro stops or a nice walk. Möt mig i Gamla stan as someone would say.... 
The Opening ceremony will take place in Stockholm's city hall. Opened in 1923 it also hosts every December 10 the Nobel Prize banquet. The tower that rises up to 106 meters is one of the city's landmarks. About one kilometer away to west lies the Royal Palace and right next to it at water front the EuroClub will be built. After all, isn't it there where Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Annifrid live in?! Get ready for some mega tent, folks. And rehearse your dancing queen moves to the perfection! (And pray for a good weather!)
Across the water blue up north again in Royal gardens, or Kungträdsgården, will be Eurovision Village. With some luck the cherry trees will be blossoming as it is quite a sight! So, all is going to be compact, close and cozy, just like in Helsinki 2007 :-)

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