Friday, January 22, 2016


Next Monday the allocation draw will take place in Stockholm's City Hall at 11.15 CET. Alexandra Pascalidou and Jovan Radomir will host the show. You can watch it live on
First there will be a draw to see in which semifinal the Big5 and Sweden will vote. 
In the first semifinal there will 18 countries, in the second 19. There will be also a draw for the first or the second part of the semifinal for each country.

Pot 1:
Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, 
Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Pot 2:
Denmark, Finland, Norway, 
Iceland, Estonia, Latvia

Pot 3:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, 
Georgia, Russia, Ukraine

Pot 4:
Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, 
Australia, Netherlands, Bulgaria

Pot 5:
Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ireland, 
Malta, Poland, San Marino

Pot 6:
Austria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, 
Switzerland, Israel (pre-assigned to the 2nd semifinal)

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