Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Sanremo songs haven't even been heard - except by selected journalists - but the betting is in full swing and the speculation who will win the festival (and go to Eurovision 2016!) heats up. As said the selected journalists were invited as usual by Carlo Conti to pre-listen the songs so they can have a better idea when writing about them when the festival starts. No cell phones or anything allowed, of course, and also this year everyone's been good and followed the rules. They are allowed to write their impressions and of course they did and based on this fans and Italians in general have formed already some opinions and expectations. 
Quite a few are saying Lorenzo Fragola will walk it. But in the betting the new duo by Amici winner Deborah Iurato and Sanremo newcomers winner last year, Giovanni Caccamo takes the prize. Both from Sicily, as is Mr Strawberry Lorenzo as well btw. It is also said Fragola has his song ready for Eurovision and in English. Caccamo is eager for Eurovision. Fan favorites Annalisa and Noemi are high up as well, but Arisa, Michielin and Dolcenera a bit lower. Elio seems to be one (hopefully I may add) to decline the trip to Stockholm should they win..... I wouldn't mind these Sicilians doing it. Either of them really. 
1. Deborah Iurato & Giovanni Caccamo (4.50)
2. Annalisa (5.00)
2. Elio e le Storie Tese (5.00)
2. Noemi (5.00)
5. Lorenzo Fragola (6.00)
6. Arisa (7.00)
7. Francesca Michielin (9.00)
7. Valerio Scanu (9.00)
9. Dolcenera (12.00)
9. Stadio (12.00)
11. Enrico Ruggeri (16.00)
12. Alessio Bernabei (22.00)
12. Morgan & Bluvertigo (22.00)
14. Patty Pravo (25.00)
15. Dear Jack (33.00)
15. Rocco Hunt (33.00)
17. Clementino (40.00)
17. Zero Assoluto (40.00)
19. Irene Fornaciari (50.00)
19. Neffa (50.00)

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