Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Here we go: This season's first plagiation case: YLE published yesterday the #UMK16 entrants and soon enough on internet the comments started flying on Rafaela Truda's Rise up. It is said to be a copy of Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea's Problem. Is it a problem? Listen and judge yourself below.... I can't even....
Rafaela comments: I do understand my song may sound a bit like Grande's song as both use saxophone. However the melody is completely different and my song is more Eurovision like. We (co-writers Olli-Matti Kalliosaari and Kalle Mäkipelto) tried to make it more Balcan sounding with saxophone. While doing the demo we did notice the similarities but we liked it so much we left it like it is. We are not stealing it, we tried different things. Last year Måns Zelmerlöw won Eurovision with a song that sounds like David Guettai! it's a question of inspiration, not stealing!"

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