Thursday, January 14, 2016


Czech Republic is returning to Eurovision even if they still didn't make it to the final last year. Good sports! Once again there will be an internal selection but isn't so secret as the three remaining names seem to be out: Dasha, Light & Love and Thom Artway.
Dasha (aka Dagmar Sobková, 34) is an award winning musical star and backing singer for nation's biggest artists and is now making herself known as a solist as the singer of local Strictly come dancing, StarDance. Her only album is from 1997. She has also dubbed Disney and sung with various bands over the years. 
Light & Love are a brother duo (Honza and Lukáš Balcárkové) singing togerher since 2012. They have had their breakthrough only in 2015 though thanks to Blueberry sky. They will release their debut album in 2016. 
Thom Artway (22) first got noted for a movie song Towards the sun. In 2013 he released his debut EP and then left for Australia and stayed five months singing in the streets. His first single after coming back home I have no inspiration became a hit and his prepairing his debut album as well. 

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