Sunday, January 10, 2016


Oh Spotify! Once again it has leaked the Eurovision songs. Denmark suffers the first leak of the season - I'm surprised Finland hasn't leaked yet, after all they will be revealed already next Tuesday, lol - over 2 weeks before due time. Oh boy. (Listen here, apparently now available only in Nordic countries) but they all seem to be on Youtube already as well, until they will be taken down so go hunting!  UPDATE: LISTEN TO THE SONGS HERE
Among the lucky ten we have only one returnee (Simone. She did DMGP 2010 and 2013) but then there's some foreign flavor. The Voice of Australia Anja Nissen is there but her parents are Danish so it's ok.  David Jay has Caribbean roots, Kristen comes from Faereo Islands but has done the Danish X Factor. Mario i an Italian, surname Sciacca and his Muri (Murah Mahmoud) has Arabic roots. 

Rays of Sunlight – David Jay
Heart Shaped Hole – Simone (Egeriis)
To Stjerner – Muri & Mario
Blue Horizon – Sophia Nohr
The Wrong Kind – Veronicas Illusion
Soldiers of Love – Lighthouse X
Who Needs a Heart – Kristen Lisberg
Break It Good – Jessica
Breakaway – Bracelet
Never Alone – Anja Nissen

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