Wednesday, January 06, 2016


The fan speculating goes on and now someone has digged out SAARA might be in. After all her new single will be out on January 12, 2016. She's a Youtube sensation that ended up in Hollywood, movies, music, fashion, making deals left and right, and even in Star Wars. Read her Wiki bio here
I think she was fun for a bit but the joke has worn maybe a bit too thin and she's in need for something concrete, especially as her debut single wasn't exactly a hit. Her duet with Kasmir did a lot better though. #UMK16 would not be nothing but a bonus in her career really so.... who knows?
And she's co-author for Lisa Ajax's song in Melodifestivalen 2016. Krista and Sara, Finns are taking over :-)
More #UMK16 speculation here and here :-) And the truth is out on January 12, 2016. I'll bring it to you then. Stay tuned!

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Johnny said...

If this rumour is true, then HOORAY! That lady has so much charisma!

I sincerely hope she makes it in the business. It's so much more than having a good piece of pop out there. It's about working hard for a long period of time and knowing the right people. It's about timing. To make it big (like United States of America big) after one released single is extremely rare, unless you're under the wings of the Disney company or something similar. I have a feeling that some people in Finland are expecting too much from her too quickly. That's not the way things work. But she seems to be doing ok all things considered. She might even be doing great, we just don't know it yet.

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