Saturday, January 23, 2016


After last night's semifinal where Stefan Galea, Domenique Azzopardi, Dario Mifsud Bonnici, Sarah Chrystal, Danica Muscat and Ira Losco's second song were voted out the other 14 continue the race for Stockholm 2016 Eurovision song contest. Ira Losco is the front runner, even more so now when the second song is out of the picture. Or could last year's runner up Christabelle beat her? Or the newcomer Brooke? Corazon, whose performance was as messy as Ira's? (Generally this year's #MESC has been the worst styled, staged and choreographed ever! What were they thinking?! Most entries are totally ruined by bad staging, or lack of styling or whatsoever.....) Or will young love conquer all?
All Around The World - Deborah C
Little Love - Franklin Calleja
Under The Sun - Daniel Testa
Golden - Brooke
Flashing Lights - Raquel Galdes
Kingdom - Christabelle Borg
Falling Glass - Corazon (Mizzi)
Fire Burn - Dominic
The Flame - Jessika
Alive - Jasmine Abela
You're Beautiful - Laurence Gray
Young Love - Maxine Pace
Chameleon (Invincible) - Ira Losco
Lighthouse - Kimberley Curtis

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