Tuesday, January 12, 2016


YLE has revealed the entries for the #UMK16 in a live webstream..... There will be three semifinals with six songs each. Three will go to the final on February 27. And there will be Jälkimodulaatio, a talk show after the show, just like Dopofestival in Sanremo!

1. Clemso (from Nigerian boyband....) - Thief
2. Eini (Disco queen since 1970's) - Draamaa
3. Mikko Herranen (from The Voice with Krista back in the day. He's blind) - Evil tone
4. Pää-äijät ("Humour....) - Shampanjataivas
5. Saara Aalto (Eternal runner up) - No fear
6. Stella Christine (A total newcomer) - Ain't got time for boys
7. Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom (Both from The Voice, Kimmo also from #UMK15) - Good enough
8. Attention2 (Identical almost 16-year-old twins from  Espoo and newcomers) - Ready for the show
9. Cristal Snow (he does everything in media, he also did Euroviisut once) - Love is blind
10. Mikael Saari (Krista's runner up, singer and actor. Huge fan favorite) - On it goes
11. Rafaela Truda (Born in Macedonia, works in Norway, Swedish speaker, newcomer) - Rise up
12. Ylona (another total newcomer) - Blazing fire
13. Barbe-Q-Barbies (Girl rock band who has played with New York Dolls and WASP) - Let me out
14. GuŠani Bothers (Croatian brothers who have lived in Finland for 10 years) - Poom poom
15. Lieminen (long time musician from hipster Helsinki)  - Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat
16. Pietarin Spektaakkeli (professional musicians)  - Oot liian kuuma
17. Sandhja (half Indian with a touch of South Africa, soulful singer, critics love, general public not yet) - Sing it away
18. Tuuli Ukkonen (from The Voice and #Umk12) - Don't wake me up
Here they are. I will present the artists and songs better in coming days. Enjoy! So far so good......

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