Sunday, January 17, 2016


The winner is..... Laura Tesoro. What's the pressure?
And we have the superfinal Laura Vs. Tom
Laura and Tom went to the superfinal thanks to juries.
International and
Belgian juries. Now the televoters will vote one of them to Stockholm.....

And we are back live.... the results....

Amaryllis Uitterlinden - Kick the habit
She had everything on stage from flying lampshades to spider web and dancers but somehow it all worked. Well sung, interesting and catchy song. Way too underrated! Sometimes too much is not enough - take not Astrid. This might have just become my favorite :-)

 Astrid Destuyver - Everybody aches
Casually dressed, a couple of dancers. Kinda nice but still not quite there. Maybe just too many ingredients and the result is a bit mess of nothing....

Tom Franzis - I'm not lost
Better than last week for sure. His guitar must give him safety. Still very Softengine. Still not going anywhere really. Three minutes of the same repeting he's lost. Are we sure? (And did he sing "I've got an errection?")


Laura Tesoro - What's the pressure
I still think this simil funk is boringly annoying, and she's not the right singer for it. It all just doesn't work. She's on stage with five backing singers with fancy choreography. Belgium tried something like this before and it didn't end up that well, did it? KMG anyone?

Adil - In our nature
Adil was on stage with neon colored bodypainted dancers maybe in attempt to get some jungle and nature mood. Great singer and very nice song, but just not maybe the right one for the Eurovision. But this is a song I like to listen to. Laidback and relaxing with a lovely atmosphere....

Hadise opened the show.....
The Belgian Eurosong 2016 final is happening right here.
Read my pre-final comments here

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