Monday, January 04, 2016


Germany has confirmed there will be a national final Unser Lied für Stockholm on February 25, 2016. Ten artists will take part and there are already a lot of rumours of the possible names but one can only wonder who wants to take part after last years scandalous finish of the final when the winner Andreas Kümmert with 78,7% of the votes withdraw and Ann Sophie, the runner up scored a flat zero points in Vienna. 
This season didn't start much better when Xavier Naidoo was announced and cancelled as the represent within a couple of days thanks to protests and negative feedback. 
So, who will they be? The apparently leaked list features pretty much nobodies: Benne, Boy, Cäthe, Joris, Hartman, Malky, Mia, Miu, Namika, Nmal, Olli Schulz and Wilhelm..... hey, that's 12 names..... So it might be wrong anyways. Hopefully. (Update: It is. Phew)

After all this drama and string of scandals there's only one sensible thing to do. 
Send Rammstein. So what's the problem?

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