Sunday, January 24, 2016


The Eurovision song contest 2002 runner up Ira Losco has won the Malta's national selection tonight.She was the big favorite from the start as fans have been waiting for her comeback for years and years and over the years she has become one of the most succesful Maltese singers at home andabroad. Her song Chameleon (Invincible) needs though q bit of a revamp, me thinks. And most of all all new staging as this one's as bad as any other in the Maltese selection this year.
Apparently she scored 40% of the televote followed by Christabelle and tonight's well deserved surprise Brooke. Brooke was also many juror's favorite and also franklin scored so well with them he pushed ahead of Christabelle in the end. Maxine came 5th so I got all right except Franklin in the top-5.
1. Chameleon (Invincible) - Ira Losco   68
2. Golden - Brooke   58
3. Little Love - Franklin Calleja   44
4. Kingdom - Christabelle Borg   38
5. Young Love - Maxine Pace   36
6. Alive - Jasmine Abela   26
7. The Flame - Jessika   19
8. Falling Glass - Corazon (Mizzi)   15
9. Flashing Lights - Raquel Galdes   12
10. Lighthouse - Kimberley Curtis   10
11. All Around The World - Deborah C   8
12. You're Beautiful - Laurence Gray   7
13. Fire Burn - Dominic   5
14. Under The Sun - Daniel Testa  2

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