Saturday, January 02, 2016


Another year has passed and it's time to look back who managed to score a #1 hit in the official Finnish charts.... Once again the chart is dominated by foreign DJs and Finnish rappers and most every act has "feat." in it. But hey, one Eurovision entry is one of the biggest hits of the year: Vicky Rosti's Sata salamaa covered by Antti Tuisku in Vain elämää series. Also another cover from that series made it to number one: VilleGalle and Sanni doing Pave Maijanen's classic Lähtisitkö. And another Eurovision link is UMK host Roope Salminen having one of the summer hits. 
Only 18 songs made it, and Finnish ones beat the foreign ones 10-8 :-)
Check all their videos after the jump....

Oops, I forgot there are 53 weeks in 2015! This one's the new number one 53/2015:

Spekti feat. Tasis - Macho fantastico - (Week 1)
Calvin Harris  feat. Ellie Goulding- Outside (Weeks 2-3)
Tungevaag & Raaban - Samsara (Weeks 4-8)
Ellie Goulding - Love me like you do (Weeks 9-12)
Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat.  - Leon on (Weeks 13-15, 19)
Whiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - See you again (Weeks 16-18)
Teflon Brothers feat. Sahamies - Pämppää (Weeks 20-28)
Roope Salminen ja Koirat feat. Ida Paul  - Madafakin darra (29)
JVG - Tarkenee (Weeks 30-34)
Cheek - Sä huudat (Weeks 35-36)
Justin Bieber - What do you mean (Weeks 37-38)
Antti Tuisku - Sata salamaa (Weeks 39-41)
Nikke Ankara - Värifilmi (Week 42)
Cheek feat. Ilta - Sillat (Weeks 43-44)
VilleGalle feat. Sanni - Lähtisitkö (Weeks 46-47)
Adele - Hello (Weeks 45, 48-49)
Tungevaag, Raaban X Charlie Who? - Russian roulette (Weeks 50-51)
Antti Tuisku feat. Nikke Ankara  - Party (papidiipadi) (Week 52)

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