Sunday, January 17, 2016


Belgian five presented their songs last Sunday and tonight's the final, with the stage sow they plan to do in Stockholm in case of a win. Let's see what they add to them, as they were pretty fine as they were. After last year's outstanding Rhythm inside unfortunately all these five seem rather bland and weak. Basicly all five lack a proper hook, or something that would make them stand out. But, this said here are my opinions. And you can watch the final here from 20.25 CET. 
Amaryllis - Kick the habit
One of the better ones. Nice atmosphere, rather catchy chorus and this could be worked into something great on stage but Amaryllis needs to relax and get that sparkle in her eyes, get flirty and saucy. Now she looked a bit lost which is a shame. 
Tom - I'm not lost
Tom performs pretty nicely. The song starts off nicely but then halfway it is already clear he is lost in the middle of nowhee, no matter what he sings. The song is not going anywhere but goes round and round in the middle of nowhere indeed. Labelled already Softengine like by some and it is a bit, just lacking the rock edge and energy that made them stand out..... This nice guy-nect-dorr walking round the stage doesn't work. 
Astrid - Everybody aches
Nice voice and nice atmosphere. But sounds and looks very insecure. And everybody "aches" sounds a bit weird. She needs to gear up the girl power about 1000% to make this work. As it is now it's just meh.....
Laura - What's the pressure
Annoying in every way. She doesn't come across as real. She's trying to be something she's not I guess. The song is boring and heard about a million times before. Nothing original in it and she can't sell it. She hasn't really even got the voice to belt it out the way it should be. Rather medicore and makes you feel almost ashamed for her. 
Adil - In our nature
This is my favorite as a song. But will this work in Eurovision? Most likely not. He's good and seems to believe in what he's doing unlike most of the other ones here, the song has lovely atmosphere and even if it really doesn't develope during the three minutes it's not a long or boring three minutes but a moment to enjoy some good music and chill..... This could work with a stunning stage lighting show like Rhythm inside perhaps.... Make it a whole visual experience.

So, in conclusion. My favorites are Adil and Amaryllis. Worst winner would be Laura. I could live with Astrid. But I think Tom will win. And flop in Stockholm. But what do I know? Maybe.

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