Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Emma Marrone won Sanremo 2012 with Non è inferno and now the Cypriot megastar and Eurovision 1998 entrant Michalis Hatzigiannis has made his cover of it as Poios eimai ego (and strangely wrong written Non el'inferno following it. One could ask why, but why bother? He sounds great as always! Emma sounds all rough and raw while Michalis has a softer approach giving the song a slightly different mood - maybe it's all in the lyrics? Not speaking Greek I have no clue. I like both of them. They are different yet the same. 1-1 for me.
But that's not all. It seems La Marrone's songs seem to be hot stuff in Greece as also her Amami has been covered in Greek by Nadio Mpoule as Klepse me. And once again Emma's version is much harder, with raw and harsh vocals while the Greek one seems kinda watered down, doesn't it? This goes for Emma!

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