Thursday, September 11, 2014

2.000.000 THANK YOUS!

Another milestone, 2 million clicks on Blogilkar's Life after Helsinki 2007. I can't thank you enough all of you who keep coming back every day and keep following me, it's been quite a journey. A few times over the past year or two I have been ready to stop blogging but even if I have slowed down a lot I guess I just can't stop it completely as the boost you get from a hit post or the pure joy of playing with photos and words and keeping up with all things Eurovision and Sanremo and the rest.... So, here I am. Next goal 3 million! Together we can make it! Meanwhile there's Vienna, and somewhere else after that and oh, so many songs!
And it's time to refresh also the image and I hope dogdesign won't mind I borrowed a bit more of their design this time around - after all this blog is also to keep the spirit and memory of Helsinki 2007 Eurovision alive! Let's not let this kaleidoscope be forgotten. 

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