Wednesday, September 10, 2014


An emotional documentary film is about to be released telling the story of Lordi, Monsterimies (Monsterman), out on September 26, 2014. It tells what really was going on behind the scenes after the success in Eurovision and hard times later.
"Everyone prefers to be liked than hated and bullied" says Tomi Putaansuu aka Mr Lordi. A true story behind the scenes of a monsterboy who didn't want to grow up and became a national hero. What is left? The band is in debt for several hundred thousends euros. They have no gigs in Finland as no local festival organizer seems to be interested in booking them (while abroad they have gigs all the time) "The choice for not being Mr Lordi is that I would be dead" he continues.
This is the only official documentary of Mr Lordi, a Finnish national hero and a creative monster, who won the Eurovision Song Contest with his band for Finland. The film has access for the first time behind the scenes, where he has experienced great success and the approval of the masses. Two years after Eurovision Lordi had become a commercial brand, but Tomi is suffering from burn out and can not create something new. The pressure to succeed is great by the fans and the general public. The band members are worried about him. It's hard to see a nation turn against them. Two band members have died, Awa has left. Hard times.
How Tomi can keep the monster band together in the middle of difficulties and find the childlike joy of creating crucial new records for Lordi? The film follows exclusively on daily basis the difficult everyday life of the band behind the scenes and shows the unique, unprecedented archive material of the monster dream's early stages of Tomi's childhood years.
Tomi swears eternal loyalty to 1980's heavy music and is never going to grow up. The film is about the fury of creation and the courage to be exactly what one believes in, even if heavy music of the 1980.s is no longer the most fashionable thing in the world.

Watch the trailer for Monsterimies (Monsterman) here
And more information here

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