Sunday, September 28, 2014


The new Lordi documentary got its premiere this Friday in Rovaniemi but the band boycotted the it as it seems Mr Lordi and the others are very unhappy with it, and based on what he writes in an open letter in Facebook he has all the reasons to be so! He says the band provided hundreds of hours of material to the director that they wanted to be included: the tours, backstage, making the costumes, writing the songs, photo sessions, building the stages, the happy times with success, fans, gigs abroad... all that is absent and the documentary concentrates only on the bad times and negative things about their story. Mr Lordi states he understands the director's decision for film's drama line but underlines it shows only one side of the coin. He also wishes there would be material they provided from the pre-success period, denies he was bullied at school and that his mother makes any decisions - in fact he tells her mother has nothing to do with the band and her presence was director's idea and made only both of them feel akward. Nor his friends have any power over the decision making in the band. 
On top of all that he says there's something in the documentary he can never in any circumstances accept nor understand: showing the members unmasked. The band has never done that and never will. They feel betrayed by the director and crew, people they trusted knew better after being close to the band for years and he takes that as an immense personal insult. The band has never acknowledged its member's - former or present - real face. Therefor he can never stand 100% behind this documentary. Sounds a bit like an invitation for a boycott and so it should be. (Remember the boycott against a magazine and its publishing house in Finland when they published photos of the members unmasked after Eurovision?) Also this time fans seem to be stand with Lordi and don't want to see the mystery revealed.
Meanwhile the band is planning a DVD release with added material, the other side of the coin to give a full picture. And obviously no unmasked members.

PS. This blogger hasn't seen the documentary and what I understand it's Awa whose face has been revealed in it. 

UPDATE: It seems either the boycott worked or Finns simply aren't interested anymore. The documentary gathered only 459 paid moviegoers last weekend.....

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