Monday, September 22, 2014


Namely their concert at Wembley Arena on November 10, 1979 when they were the hottest pop band on earth. With this release apparently the unreleased material of the band is finished. This will be a double-Cd and 3-LP format release including 25 songs. A limited edition 2-CD digibook wil be also released. Release date September 26-29 worldwide. It's quite amazing how many hits they already had as the set list looks like a greatest hits tour. They even have dropped Mamma mia, an evergreen these days. As well as Ring, ring, Hasta manana, Honey honey, I do I do I do I do, Angel eyes..... I have a feeling I may have been a little disappointed in the set list if I was there :-)

But that's not all. In October ABBA Gold will be released in a special steelbox edition. In November their Spanish language album Gracias por la musica will be re-released n deluxe CD-version, as well as a Deluxe CD-box that will include all their albums in deluxe versions. And on top of that also B&B's musical Chess will have a re-release both on CD and DVD, deluxe of course with added bonus material. 

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