Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yesterday, September 15, 2014 was the premilinary deadline set by EBU to express interest in participating in next year's jubilee editions of the Eurovision song contest. With the final rush that got us Bulgaria and Serbia returning and  Spain, Armenia, Israel and Serbia on the list we now have 35 countries. It must be said especially Serbia stressed this is a premilinary "Yes" and could withdraw after all before the final deadline.
Some sources say Slovenia has applied as well or asked for more time (once again!) even if the broadcasters have time until October 10, 2014 to think over and cancel without any penalties.
Strangely Albania has announced its annual Festivali i Këngës  without any mention of Eurovision though. Maybe and hopefully they have applies as well, just not making a fuss about it in public. After all it's only EBU that makes official the participations in due time. Same goes for San Marino, Ukraine and Moldova where total silence reigns so far. Ukraine has far more important issues to think about for sure, but their presence in Vienna would give a strong symbolic importance. Same goes for Moldova, apparently Russia's next target - who knows what the situation will be there in 8 months.... Croatia and Poland remain question marks and both countries are rumoured to me present but there hasn't been any more or less official information on that. If all above mentioned missing countries have applied after all we would be having 42 countries in the ball dancing Viennese waltzers and eating Sacher cake in Vienna next May. 

UPDATE: San Marino has today announced the final decision will be taken by October 11, 2014. Read more here

UPDATE2: Slovenia has indeed sent in a premilinary application just like Serbia hoping to be able to resolve problems and participate.

UPDATE3: Moldova has confirmed on September 18. So that's 36 for sure. 

UPDATE4: Ukraine has confirmed a non-participation stating “Unstable financial, political situation, military aggression from the east, the annexation of Ukrainian territories – all of these processes have forced us to focus on our basic duties,”. They also say they hope to be back in 2016 and when they participate they are in to win it. This year they can't give it all. 

UPDATE5: Croatia has confirmed they are not going to be present in Vienna 2015. Such a shame! (26.9.2014)

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