Monday, September 08, 2014


Rakkaudella merkitty mies is the title of the new studio album by Jari Sillanpää. It translates roughly to A man branded/marked with love. Twelve new songs by leading young authors including Mariska, VäinäVäinö, Paula Vesala and Saara Törmä to introduce a new, more pop oriented Jari, following the success of Liekeissä, a Cheek cover he did for a reality TV series, and other covers he did for another Tv reality show over the past 2-3 years, including Gangnam style. The first single off the album was Malagaan. Get a taste of the title track here. He is hitting the road again to present the new album to the masses later this month all throught to the end of October. 
Jari Sillanpää has sold over 820.000 albums in the past 20 years, making him the 5th most sold Finnish act in the history (and the 2nd most sold solo act after Katri Helena). His self titled debut album is the most sold album in Finland with sales of 270.000. Rakkaudella merkitty mies is his 13th studio album and first album since 2011. His Eurovision national final entries have had a varied success. Valkeaa unelmaa (2nd in 1998) has aged well and is again very popular song, There's even an English version of it. Takes two to tango (1st in 2004/14th in the semifinal) and Kirkas kipinä (placed 4th-8th/2009) are pretty much forgotten. He has expressed his wish to return to Eurovision some day.....

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