Sunday, September 28, 2014


I know there's something going on. Anni-Frid Lyngstad aka Frida aka Princess Reuss of Plauen has revealed recently she's working on an autobiography she hopes to release eventually some time in the future. It's time to turn the stone. She sure has stories to tell! 
Born as a Norwegian-German warchild she ended up in Swiss alps living in a castle as a real princess. In between we have three marriages, children and step children, losing her daughter, becoming a widow, solo career as a singer, being a member of ABBA, hits and misses. She was the one who enjoyed performing and fame the most out of ABBA members and shone being favorable for a reunion but today says she's done with music and concentrates on charity affairs and her hobbies, including writing. I can only wish the words will come to her and she gets this project finished soon. Between En ledig dag and Även en blomma there are so many untold stories to tell for sure. 

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