Monday, September 15, 2014


Ada Reina has won the Italian selection for OGAE Video contest 2014. This year's selection was filled with emerging young, new talents on purpose so most of them were unknown to this blogger. One jumped as a megafavorite though since the first viewing, Ada Reina and and I'm very pleased she won with Lei balla (She dances).
Ada (25) has apparently Latin American roots and she came to spotlight only two years ago but have since then achieved already quite a lot. Songs like Vieni, Bevi and Sono io have led to Lei balla, and she's due to release her debut album shortly after several collaborations and EPs, and various important performances like the legendary MuccAssassina and GayVillage's Opening party in Rome. 
She seems to be very promising, and different, act. And judging the genre and looks she would fit into Eurovision like a glove in a year or two after she gains a bit more experience and a few more cross over hits under her belt - if she chooses to emerge from the undergroud to more commercial sound. Like Lei balla

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