Saturday, September 06, 2014


Good and sad news to Softengine fans. The release date for their debut album is finally here! It's October 17, 2015 and the album includes 11 songs. The lead singer Topi Latukka promises epic sounds, interesting details and different kind of songs.  None of the songs of their self produced EP is included in this major release. The release party/gig will take place in Seinäjoki on October 18 and after that the band will go on tour, all four of them that is. 
Sad news is bassist Eero Keskinen has decided to leave Softengine and concentrate on his lighting technician studies. Also apparently he didn't agree the commercial sound the band is taking on the album that is not to his liking. Despite this the separation has happened in a friendly manner and for now Softengine is continuing without a bassist. 
Softengine won UMK 2014 and went on to Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen and scored Finland's best result with Something better in the modern era Eurovision since Lordi's win in 2006. This summer they released their second video Yellow house

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