Saturday, September 13, 2014


Sanremo might or might not be the selection method for the Eurovision 2015 for Italy. In the past days RAI has confirmed its presence in Vienna to a huge relief of those Italian (and not only) fans who were in doubt and still can't believe Italy is back in game for real. Among the fans the speculation and opinions run wild if Sanremo will be linked with Eurovision, and also should it be at all? One possibility is that the artist will be selected internally beforehand and will still take part in Sanremo, and whatever the result, will go to Vienna anyways. Or then it simply has nothing to do with Sanremo 2015. This blogger would love to see Arisa, this year's winner to have her chance now as she seemed more than eager to do Eurovision this year and seems to be well aware of what it is all about. Another name I want to push forward (again) is Giorgia. She should have gone already back in 1995 when she won Sanremo and was apparently not so happy about Italy's non-participation and her missed chance. Now 20 years later, let her do it. She's even better today than she was back then, if possible. 
Some of the rules of the next Sanremo festival have been revealed by the conductor Carlo Conti: the artists will have one song only unlike the past two years, and ... there will be elimination grounds for the artists and not the songs! Not all the 16 Big artists will make the final on Saturday and this may cause some of them withdrawing their bids or making them say a polite No to his invitation to take part. We will see how the cast will be. Conti is kind of national popular and loved by the grannies so there's a chance he will go for the very Sanremoesque cast from various Pupos, Albanos and Cutugnos to please the audience.
So far the rumour mill on the possible names has been rather timid but one seems to come out all the time and everywhere: Dear Jack, a new succesful boyband with a huge fanbase. If so, with televoting they could easily do Mengoni or Emma. And... they could be also handpicked for Eurovision. So far Italy has sent only solo artitst, maybe it's time for a group? Another name will please some Eurovision fans a lot: Anna Tatangelo, she seems to be quite certain name as well.... And a very possible Eurovison candidate in that case. Then we have Alessandra Amoroso and Moreno, while Suor Cristina seems to be out for good. Rocco Hunt, the latest Newcomers winner seems to be certain for a place among the Big this time as well, and Elio e le storie tese could make a return as well.... But it's only September, anything can happen. 

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