Saturday, September 26, 2015


Second episode was dedicated to rapper VilleGalle. Most of his songs as JVG are all about what they enjoy the most in life: ice hockey and Playstation. Most songs also are rapped with featured singers so the covers by his fellow Vain elämää stars were mostly completely reworked, most of them by lyrics, too. This was the episode I maybe waited the least as I thought I wouldn't know his music at all but then.... four of these were such big hits you couldn not have not heard them.... In the end a very enjoyable evening after all and if the first three seasons have been marked by tears and artists crying their eyes out this season so far it's been mostly laughter and good vibes!

Vicky Rosti Vs. JVG feat Anna Abreu  - Huominen on huomenna
Vicky as a 50something grandmother had turned the teenager party song into an anthem for a hot mama who goes for holidays and parties all night with her daddy man. Very well done and she already declared this one's going in to her gig set. She might have the hit of this episode in her hands...

Antti Tuisku Vs. JVG feat Märkä-Simo  - Häissä
He had changed the lyrics to talk about something he is more familiar with: skiing. Quite fun but not much else.

Sanni Vs. JVG feat Raappana - Gran Turismo
She turned the reggae summer hit into a more electo pop one. Very nice.

Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. JVG feat Heikki Kuula - Nelisilmä
She totally owned this song, turning it into a 90's rock pop and making it sound exactly like it could be her own song. Very good.

Anssi Kela Vs. JVG feat Timo Pieni Huijaus - Kasarin lapsi
Totally reworked lyrics telling Anssi's own story instead of VilleGalle's. Poprock approach. He dedicated this song to his late musician dad. Anssi had promised one day they'd do something togerher in one way or the other, and now he sampled his song to this one. 

Pave Maijanen Vs. JVG - Voitolla yöhön
Pave rapped a bit but the arrangement was more rock. Good feelings. 

In the end VilleGalle chose Antti Tuisku's version to perform with him as the finale. You can watch the videos here.  Next week is Maija Vilkkumaa's turn. That is something I'm very much looking forward to as I am a fan!

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