Friday, September 11, 2015


Dolcenera releases her album Le stelle non tremano today. It's her 6th studio album and first in four years. She has had a career with ups and downs but her music has stayed good ever since her win in Sanremo newcomers selection back in 2003 with Siamo tutti la fuori. The year later she was excluded from the festival with Un mondo perfetto, a fact that caused a minor scandal as it was thought she as the previous winner would be granted a place among the Big no matter what. She takes her revenge by winning Music farm beating Fausto Leali in the final the year after. 
Niente al mondo, Accendi lo spirito , Fantastica and Un peccato have already been released as singles from it. Hopefully she has saved some goodie for Sanremo 2016 and she would be one of my dream artists for Eurovision as well..... 

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