Wednesday, September 30, 2015


BBC has revealed more information on the selecting process for their 2016 entry for the Eurovision song contest and OGAE members have a key role (so, Brits and fans alike can only blame themselves is they don't hit success this year! Clever!) OGAE is the world's largest independant Eurovision fan club founded in Finland in 1984 (this blogger was the member no.15!). The UK branch alone has around 1.000 members while there are over 40 national clubs today. 
The submission of anyone over 18 (and not 16 like in the Eurovision generic rules state) will be accepted until November 20, 2015. Then BBC will use the help of the OGAE UK to shortlist the songs. Also BASCA (The British Academy of songwriters, composers and authors) is called in to join the fun. The shortlisted demos will be then presented to a special panel that has the final say of those that will get to be the final group of songs that the puclic may choose their winner for Stockholm 2016. Hugh Goldsmith (linked to Atomic Kitten, Blue and Take That) will oversee the whole project. 
Yet, no word of televized final or such, but as it's labeled "X Factor" styled process there will be propably various programmes leading to the final. 
Alasdair Rendall, President of OGAE UK says: 
“It's a massive honour - and very exciting - for OGAE members to be given a key role in helping to choose the UK's entry for Eurovision 2016. Eurovision fans are never backwards in coming forwards about their thoughts on the UK's performance at the world's greatest music competition, so I'm really excited about the opportunity this offers us to help find the right song to fly the flag for the UK in Stockholm next year.”

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