Sunday, September 06, 2015


Happened earlier this summer:
Jari Sillanpää turned 50 and invited his closest 40.000 friends to celebrate the event in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium along with Laura Voutilainen, Waltteri Torikka and Marita Taavitsainen.
The 72 meters wide stage - as many meters as the height of the stadium's tower btw - was filled with grand orchestra, some 50 dancers and 850 people worked during the concert to make it all work out fine during the 35 songs he performed. And before the concert each and every one was served coffee and birthday cake in the stadium - the cake being of course the biggest ever made in Finland needing not one but two trucks to bring it in......
Besides turning 50, having this stadium concert he also made headlines in the press for his love affairs. First he said he has found a new love and trying for the first time a foreign affair or romance in distance. Thenin the concert he declared he's actually single - yet spent the rest of the night in a company a tall handsome Estonian man it seems..... It takes two to tango or how was it?
Indeed, he did perform Takes two 2 tango, with a nice mix of Hard rock hallelujah (recently also used by Antti Tuisku, it seems HRH is finally making a comeback as a song one can listen/sample/mix/sing again. Good. Laura Voutilainen entered with the notes of Neka mi ne svane, as she covered it in Finnish and made it a hit. Hearthtrob of the moment, Waltteri Torikka guested in You raise me up. The other songs included various covers from Michael Jackson to Donna Summer, from Queen to Frank Sinatra and Ricky Martin not forgetting some good old Disney tunes. . Liekeissä, Malagaan, Päälliköiden yö, and his latest hit Sinä ansaitset kultaa were obviously on the setlist. Also this happened..... 

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