Friday, September 04, 2015


Chisu, one of the most selling - in my books by far the best - Finnish female artists the last decade or so I returning from maternity and has released the lead single from her fourth album Polaris to be released later this fall (her first in three years) titled Ihana (Wonderful). Her previous three albums have sold over 200.000 copies and she says she has no pressure as the process of writing the abum has been so different this time. 

"These songs have been written over the period of 2012-2015 unlike the previous albums that were written, produced and recorded over a period of six months or so. It feels great to be back now that I have found again my path in music world!"

In between she has studies arts, had a baby, and most of all had a long total break from the business moving away from Helsinki. One thing have remained: Her loyal fans have stayed and waited for her return. The single went straight to #1 in radio airplay list, something that has never happened in Finland. In the official single's chart it debuted at #3. 
The video is directed by her boyfriend and father of her child Mikki Kunttu, who is no other than lighting designer for Helsinki 2007 Eurovision song contest. One can only hope she would have an extra song for UMK 2016..... after all she writes and produces all her songs, and a lot for the others, too!

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