Tuesday, September 01, 2015


SVT announced in early July they have chosen Globen area in Stockholm for the 2016 Eurovision song contest venue, with the EBU blessing of course. Globen will host its second Eurovision, after 2000 when it set the whole new look for the whole contest and its development to what it is today really kickstarted. In short Globen 2000 can be considered the first Eurovision of the modern era. This said, 16 years has passed and Globen has been considered a bit old, dull and small by some but this blogger believes they have come up with some unusual and interesting concept to win over the other venues. Time will tell.
Notable  fact is that the host is Globen area, not only Globen arena. "The main stage will be in Globen" is written in their website, leaving a lot to imagination..  There are rumours the next door Friends arena will be also used. How? Will some acts perform there instead of Globen thus giving them more time to prepaire the stage for the next act? Ideas, ideas...That's the big question. Most likely Swedes will sell that one out, too, and show the contest in megascreens there, but what if it's used for something else, too? EuroClub? Concerts? EuroVillage? Or will it be incorporated to the live shows, too? Like for the interval acts?  We will know soon.
For sure Globen area will be an Eurovision heaven and all four venues will be used for the event somehow: Globen and Friends while press center will be in Hovet and delegations in Annexet. 
When writing this 2013 hostess Petra Mede and 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw seem to be the most guessed presenters, while over 20 countries seem to have confirmed their participating, including possible returns of Ucraine and Turkey, and Czech Republic will join in again. 

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