Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Il Volo has been busy giving sold out concerts all over Italy ever since Sanremo and Eurovision and picking up a few platinum discs on the way. But Sanremo grande amore, the cover EP was just an aperativo. The real thing, the brand new album will be released on September 25. The title track and first single L'amore si muove was released a few days ago on iTunes.
Meanwhile the tour goes on until the last date in Arena di Verona on September 21. Two days later Raiuno will have a primetime special on them. 
During the summer they have also released a Spanish verison of Grande amore, with a new video and all) for the Latin market and they also ready to take over again the Northern American market with a 16 concerts tour in February-March 2016. But before that they will have aother tour in Italy in January: 15th in Florence, 16th in Rome, 20th in Caserta, 21st in Bari, 23rd in Acireale, 26th Bologna, 27th Turin and 29th in Milan. More gigs might be added once these has been sold out.....
The album will come in three different versions: Italian, Spanish and Iinternational, with different track lists including of course new covers next to new songs. Indeed the L'amore si muove is also a cover with new lyrics though as it's Francesco Renga's Nel nome del Padre.  But as no one seemed to remember that song, and Il Volo guys make it all their own it's like a new song to most. 

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