Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Carlo Conti made Sanremo 2015 a success and he has been confirmed as the host and the artistic director also for 2016, and his contract includes also 2017 as the artistic director. RAI explains it wants to give the festival some continuity, and Conti has already expressed his wish to change things, a job he started already in 2015. He wants less guests, more songs and everything happening a bit faster instead of endless talk. A bit more like Eurovision, right? He also brought the newcomers to brighter spotlight already in 2015 and that work takes a step forward in 2016.
For 2016 for the newcomers there will be a kind of talent show in tv starting in November. Five daily shows leading up to a prime time final to pick up the eight lucky ones. This way people will be, hopefully, already familiar with them and who knows, someone might make it big even before Sanremo? Sounds all very "new" and "fresh" to RAI bosses but hey, can we forget Pippo Baudo's era and his pre-shows? Some people have short memory..... Anyways, the submission period is open right now. 
Meanwhile the dates for the festival have been confirmed as February 9-13, 2016. Conti dreams of having Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Andrea Bocelli among the guests, and his co-hostesses last year, Emma and Arisa in competition. Arisa might be up to it and try to win again if RAI confirms eventually that Sanremo will be used as the selection for Eurovision as well, considering the fact she wasn't very amused when she won and Emma had already been handed the ticket to Copenhagen, unlike last time when Il Volo as the winners flew to Vienna. He would also like to see Raf again, after his unfortunate adventure with pneumonia in this year's contest. The he mentions Negrita, Subsonica, Neffa, Samuele Bersani, Luca Carboni, Fabri Fibra.....  and The Kolors but as they only sing in English they are out - unless the rule of singing in Italian will be abolished. Hopfully not!

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