Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Denmark. The one that usually has the perfect selection at first look. Ten perfect pop songs that with closer inspection give you nothing much and go nowhere. With occasional expections. Nothing is risky here, all is safe and predictable, and a bit plastic. Like a smørrebrød in a cafe's serving display. 
This year we start with Love me love me that echoes a bit My number One. Okeyish but not very original. Mi amore; where do I start? There's nothing I like in this. I never liked In a moment like this and this is even worse! How come fans be so excited about this? I have no idea. Was G:son invited as a composer and is so angry with DR for some reason that sent only this? Someone somewhere should be ashamed this one is in the line up. Marcel's Soulmen are another okeyis entry. What do I remember of it afterwards though? Hmm... nothing really. Same goes for Andy Roda's effort. All is ok, but... what was it again? And the same goes for Anti Social Media. And Babou. In paper perfect entries but totally forgettable even if you kinda like them while listening to them... That's a lot of tasteless, smelless, glueless or copied entries. But there are four goodies. First of all Hotel A. It does have a bit of Joe le taxi vibe going but it's already so long time ago I doubt most don't even remember it. Also, Cecilie is so far from mademoiselle Paradis' lolita thing that they are set so far apart. Absolutely charming song, if only she manages to create that vibe and atmosphere on stage. Good luck with that! Then there's Julie. Cute teenage pop with 80's feel to it, almost like something off Carola's debut album in 1983. Next Anne with her catchy whistle, great atmosphere again and the live performance will be crucial for this. Last but not least World of Girls. Not so original, I'm afraid but such good energy, catchy, happy, sing-a-long. Sounds like a hit without sounding overly manufactured. So, my top choice is Cecilie, close second Anne and third safe but predictable one could be World of Girls. The rest... nah. Below my stars. (Apparently to my great surprise Danes agree as in the DR poll Hotel A is leading, followed by Suitcase and Summer without you 4th, only The way you are in between them at 3rd....)

Cecilie Alexandra – Hotel A *****
Anne Garegaard – Suitcase ****
World Of Girls – Summer Without You ****
Julie Bjerre – Tæt På Mine Drømme ***
Sara Sukurani – Love Me Love Me **
Andy Roda – Love Is Love **
Babou – Manjama **
Marcel & Soulman Group – Når Veje Krydses **
Anti Social Media – The Way You Are **
Tina & René – Mi Amore *

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