Thursday, February 11, 2016


Tonight it is a break from the Big category as they will be performing covers. They will be voted and the best one awarded, but this has nothing to do with the festival itself.
Tonight's guest stars are Pooh with Riccardo Fogli, Hozier and Marc Hollogne.
I will be once again live blogging so please do join me. This post will be updated regularly.
The Newcomers have their duels to find out two more qualifiers for tomorrow's final and they are:

20.42 Here we go again. And straight to the Newcomers elimination duels.
Miele - Mentre ti parlo Vs Francesco Gabbani - Amen
Miele is looking very elegant while Gabbani is more casual. She gives a dramatic and heartfelt performance of her song. These Newcomers once again are better and more interesting than the Big.
Gabbani is the favorite here and he's wearing the #SanremoArcobaleno ribbons :-) The backdrop is also a sort of rainbow and he gives a relaxed performance but maybe this didn't work so well with the big orchestra and Sanremo chorists. But I guess he wins anyways....
Oh, another surprise: Miele 53% and wins!
Mahmood - Dimentica Vs Michael Leonardi - Rinascerai
Australian born Leonardi starts, he's the favorite cashing on Il Volo's success. He's wearing the rainbow in his pocket. This is amelodic song with pop opera vocals. Not bad bt not very original. If jury likes him, too, he's the winner I suppose. He even adds some English into his song.
Half Egyptian Mahmood is my favorite of all these Newcomers. Original vocals, and look! Modern interesting song. He wears the Rainbow in his trouser's pocket :-)
And the winner is with 67%.... Mahmood! OMG, what's happening here tonight?! :-)

Now I will sit back and enjoy the night mostly..... You do the same!

Noemi - Dedicato (Loredana Berté)
Noemi kicks ass tonight with a very relaxed and energetic performance of this classic, in a black very open in front trouser dress. She really opens the evening with a bang, it's like a concert.
Dear Jack - Un bacio a mezzanotte (Quartetto Cetra)
Elegenat look. Vocals etc = no comment
Zero Assoluto - Goldrake (Actarus)
I admit I have never heard this song. But then it's from some 70's cartoon I suppose. I wasn't in Italy then :-) 
OMG, Virginia is Donatella Versace tonight! LOOOOL
Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato - Amore senza fine (Pino Daniele)
Poor Deborah. She must have spent sleepless nights with her stylist after the massacre in social medias and then other medias for her look on the first night.... oh well, her debutant dress has changed into office workers smart casual. Very casual. But they do a good job with the song.
Viva l'amore universale!

21.54 The vote Miele Vs Gabbani in Newcomers will be redone. Apparently there have been problems with the Press vote..... Stay tuned!

Noemi has won the first group's vote.

Patty Pravo - Tutt'al piú (Patty Pravo)
Patty covers herself with a young rapper and look "I just woke up"
Alessio Bernabei - A mano a mano (Riccardo Cocciante)
Alessio brought teenage hearthtrobs Benji & Fede with him to sing Hand in hand in stage clored with rainbow colors.....
Dolcenera - Amore disperato (Nada)
Dolcenera looking gorgeous in long white dress with Rainbow ribbons belting out almost a dance version of one of my favorite songs. Love.
Cambio di stagione (Cit. Donatella)
Clementino - Don Raffae' (Fabrizio De André)
I didn't really pay attention as I was still in Dolcenera/Donatella bubble but he did get a huge applause....

Oh, and Clementino wins this quartet. Meh.
Pooh time now. With Riccardo Fogli. Another band I have never cared for. Snack time....

22.55 It's offcial: Francesco Gabbani 50,8% Vs. Miele 49,2%
So Gabbani gos on, Miele is out in Newcomers

Elio e Le Storie Tese - Quinto ripensamento (Walter Murphy)
Ok, they are kinda fine as an interval act but in the competition? No.
Arisa - Cuore (Rita Pavone)
Arisa has found something to wear tonight, a sparkling multicolor dress that once again hides the body nicely. I like the original Cuore a lot but this one's a bit meh. But she sings like an angel, as usual. And she's in better spirits tonight .-)
Rocco Hunt - Tu vuo' fa' l'Americano (Renato Carosone)
I'm starting to think Rocco will be the big revelation of this festival. And the rappers wil finally break Sanremo as Clementino seems to be doing well, too. Rocco already won Newcomers two years ago, will be make the top-3 among big this year? I wouldn't be surprised. He got the whole theater on their feet and dancing along.....
She does a decent job with this classic. Not great but her look is better.

And yes, Rocco Hunt wins this second quartet.

Neffa - O' sarracino (Renato Carosone)
Ok, great song but this cover isn't.....
Valerio Scanu - Io vivró (Senza te) (Lucio Battisti)
Very nice cover, excellent vocals. If he only sung his own entry this well....

And this one is won by Valerio Scanu. Good. 

Lorenzo Fragola - la donna cannone (Francesco De Gregori)
Fantastic song. Very weak performance. He isn't that great live singer I wanted to believe I'm afraid
Enrico Ruggeri - 'A canzuncella (Alunni del sole)
More interesting that this cover is his declaration he'd love to redo Eurovision. I was pretty sure he would have said No but he's ready and willing....
Annalisa - America (Gianna Nannini)
She's no Nannini but she belts out this song in a rather convincing way in her long red dress. Should win this last quarted easily
Stadio - La sera dei miracoli (Lucio Dalla)
Why is he shouting? painful.....

So the winner of tonight is Noemi, Clementino, Rocco Hunt, Valerio Scanu or ... Stadio? WTF? 

Hozier takes us to church....
And the winner is....  Stadio. Italians must have a thing for screming old men tonight. Must be the Pooh effect....
Scanu was second, Clementino third, Noemi 4th and Hunt 5th

That's all. Good night and join me again tomorrow!

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