Sunday, February 28, 2016


YLE's heads of civil juries (among them Krista's bf on left, Jaana Pelkonen and Hanna Pakarinen behind the kid)

Today, the day after, media and people dealing up with the surprise result (by some) of the #UMK16 final outcome. Cristal Snow has thanked his fans and says it's bitter. He has taken a bank loan to do #umk and it didn't maybe quite pay up. Saara Aalto is lamenting of unfair treatment by the Media civil jury that gave her a big flat zero. Mikael Saari has graciously kept silent except thanking his fans for this adventure - that gave him a second Fan Award by the Finnish Eurovision fans. And Sandhja is singing it away all over television and radio.
It also seems people didn't understand how the televotes were made up as indeed, Roope and Krista didn't explain that to the television viewers. I didn't even think about it until I saw the rerun this afternoon as it's a familiar way of giving votes in Melodifestivalen among others, and even in Eurovision itself this year. Finns better get used to it! (And YLE, having the detail on the website only isn't a good idea when grannies and non fans watch the tv show)
Here are the voting details:

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