Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sandhja came and sung it away and blew off the competition and fan favorites and ended up with the ticket to Globen in May and the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm for Finland. International and Finnish fans are sour as their pets didn't win blaming the voting system. I say: Get real. This year the voting system was what it was and she finished first with the juries and third with televoting (Mikael was second in both and Saara first in televotes but third in jury votes, so it could have been either way). Sing it away and enjoy the ride!
Sandhja Kuivalainen will be 25 in Stockholm. Her father is a Finn, and her mother Guyanan Indian. She's nurse like Sandhja in Jorvi hospital in Espoo. She says she was raised to be aware of her roots but feels she's just a regular girl from Espoo. Sandhja's roots are in India but her family was forced to go to work in Guyana and her musicality comes from her greatgrandmother who was a wedding and funeral singer. Every weekend she would leave her 11 children and hard work in the sugarcane plantage to go and sing wherever anyone would pay her. Sandhja has written a song about her, Ladaria, in her debut album.
Sandhja started singing and writing songs at early age. At 18 she met her producer and they prepaired her debut album Gold well. She had no rush to release it but let it ripe well. When released in May 2014 it was loved by the critics but big audience still didn't quite find it. It all changed now thanks to #UMK16 and Sing it away.

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