Sunday, February 21, 2016


After a night full of drama where SunSay was accused of being un-patriotic by Ruslana as he has been performing in Crimea and Russia after the Russian invation, and rumors of Jamala's withdrawel during the live show and the funny faces of NuAngels girls when they found out they are not going to win or even do well.... After a record number of televotes (382.000) that Jamala got 37% of, and the questioning if SunSay's song was released too early (and apparently also Pur:Pur's) for the national selection's rules, and the Press secretary of Ukrainina president tweeting people to vote for Jamala whose song may or may not include Crimean Tatar language frases copied from another song..... well, she won.
Ruslana outraged by SunSay
NuAngels not amused
Oh and Nicky Byrne was the best of the night.

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