Saturday, February 27, 2016


After three heats and two semifinals it's time for the A Dal final. Eight songs have made it this far thanks to jury and televoters. This time the jury picks up four songs to the superfinal, and then televoters alone pick up the winner among these. Biggest favorites seem to be Freddie, Kállay Saunders band and Petruska. If Hungarians feel ethnic vibe we have also Gergö Oláh to consider.... Either of these winning will put Hungary again in the winning battle. Below are the finalists in my order. I wil be very happy with any of the three first, fourth is fine, fifth is great on studio version but live was rather weak. The rest.... no way. 

Freddie - Pioneer
Gergö Oláh - Gyöz a jó
Kalláy Saunders Band - Who we are
Petruska - Trouble in my mind
Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth - Seven seas
Mushu - Uncle Tom
Parno Graszt - Már nem szédulök
André Vásáry - Why

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